Find joy and purpose in your life.

Use art, writing and music that reframes your thoughts and help with self-talk. Gain support through a community of people.

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7 Days of Grateful App

Spend time doing things that make you whole with our app.

There are different features of the app

The story behind this

Never feel alone in this journey.

I created 7 Days of Grateful. Why 7? Because  I hope that I can provide tools so that you can live everyday with a grateful heart, have peace and also resting; finally finding joy in the present and following your purpose in life.

Create your profile

You can create an avatar of your self.

Community and support

We connect you with people going through similar struggles. We also connect you with mentors and counsellors.


We make sure you keep track of your health, such as: sleeping, eating, and exercising.


We help you be aware of your goals, strengths, and limitations to move forward in this marathon of life to follow your purpose


There is a section for art, writing and music; where you can either view or respond. Responding in the form of journal, voice note recording, and drawing.


You can access articles regarding mental wellbeing and cultivating a grateful heart.

Mental wellbeing

We make sure that you see things from a different light and is supported in this journey of life.

We are in it for the long haul. We are here for you. You are not alone. We will walk with you.


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