7 Days of Grateful Music x @theotenly

I want to share this song, originally called “Allah Yang Setia” by @givingmybestband , the translation of the title would be He is Faithful. Jesus, is the One that started all the good things in me, shaping me to be like Him, because I am precious in His eyes. He started the work in me and gaveContinue reading “7 Days of Grateful Music x @theotenly”

Treat your friendship as yourself

I have a Chinese friend in class who told me about this saying: “君子之交淡如水” (jun zi zhi jiao tan ru shui); this means virtuous men will treat the friendship flowing as water. I guess love for someone first comes from friendship. I am amazed how my Chinese friends have a deep understanding of this. ThatContinue reading “Treat your friendship as yourself”


The Books that Save Me I am a girl. I am a daughter. I am a student. Beyond all that, I have a secret. A secret that lies within the library books, a secret which is a stigma yet a power which made me be a better person. As a little girl, I would beContinue reading “The Books That Save Me: IBANEFF TOP 15 FAVOURITE WORKS”

Eyes are windows to one’s soul

The eyes are windows to one’s soul. You can see happiness, sadness, or troubled minds in one’s eye. Sometimes we can only be an ear to those who are in pain. When we see someone’s eyes fill with troubles, be there for them, just listen… because listening is key to understanding and loving them. WeContinue reading “Eyes are windows to one’s soul”

Beauty in the ordinary things

Sometimes, we wish for extraordinary things to happen in our life. Maybe it could be instant healing for your sickness, winning the jackpot, being rich or famous instantly. However, where does that take us? It does not make us learn. Sometimes, God allows us to experience ordinary things, and instead, these ordinary things are thingsContinue reading “Beauty in the ordinary things”